Autumn Art Tour

  • Saturday, Sept 10th, 10 am - 5 pm
  • Sunday, Sept 11th, 10 am - 4 pm

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Artists and fine craftsmen in Woodstock and the surrounding countryside will be opening their studios to display and selling their work. The self guided tour will showcase the exceptional art and fine crafts produced in the

The tour is free to the public. Maps will be available at Material Things Artisan Market 103 E. Van Buren Street on the historic Woodstock Square. Be sure to visit the award winning Woodstock Farmers Market when picking
up your maps.

The tour will feature a wide range of work including pottery, painting, art glass, jewelry, photography and mixed media. Visit the artist's web sites to learn more about their talent.

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2022 Artists

Blue Eagle Pottery: Robert and Susan design functional and home decorative stoneware pottery. They have been working with clay for over 50 years. In 2018 their Studio received the “Illinois Makers” Award for their beautiful pottery.

Tom Moran Sr.: Tom creates individually hand cast and colored stepping stones. His passion is inspired by nature. His one-of-a-kind stones are made to endure all weather conditions.

Ellen Judson: Ellen creates functional pottery but also enjoys expanding into sculpture, wall pieces and just “fun stuff.” The range of form, texture, clay bodies, firing temperatures and color all combine for exploration and experimentation to ultimately create a beautiful work of art.

Drew Eurek: Drew is an artist that works in abstract expressionism using oil paint and charcoal on canvas as well as graphite on paper. Each piece strives to evoke emotion and familiarity from the viewer...playing with shape and form, his works impose joyful overtones with dark or deep subtext.

Marilyn Moore Meyers: Marilyn’s assemblage and mixed media pieces are created from “found” objects, ephemera and pieces of nature. Some of the elements used might be architectural salvage, vintage fabrics, rusted metal, old papers, and clock parts, to name a few. Such elements contribute to the meaning and beauty of the composition.

Raymond Beth: Raymond creates beautiful traditional mosaic stain glass on old window frames. His musical instruments are designed with smaller pieces using the “copper foil” method.

Rachel Hanson: Rachel's abstract paintings explore perception and memory, both emotional and physical. She works to communicate her own memories within the context of outside influences. Her goal is to learn how we experience and remember moments of our life, or how and when we don't.

Gail Moreland: A native Midwesterner, Gail's photographs of landscapes and still life with local and Door County scenes speak to a connection with the land and the hidden beauty in commonplace objects and settings.

WillOaks Studio: Karen creates original art jewelry designing with sterling silver, copper and gold filled metalwork. Her creations also include kiln fired enamels with images inspired by nature. Leather, silk and other unexpected materials are all used for her wearable art. Additionally, he offers watercolor paintings and collages.


Blake Mueller: Collage and assemblage featuring a blend of found and re-purposed items and images. After creatively composing the subject, a variety of drawing and painting media are applied. Blakes exceptional works are displayed at his Woodstock Studio surrounded by magnificent gardens.

Candy Mueller: Candy’s love of nature, birds and plants as well as her passion for painting in oils shine through on her art.

Robert Wilson: Robert creates functional items such as cups, bowls, serving dishes and teapots which are made of “wheel thrown” porcelain. They are food safe and microwavable with self-made toxic-free glazes. Robert’s ceramic sculptural forms made from both porcelain and stoneware clays are all based on “creative puns.”

Betsy Greene: Betsy is now offering a new line of jewelry that encompasses retro-graphics on clay and metal. Additionally, she has wandered into the world of miniatures. Each diorama is shaped out of air-dried clay, painted with watercolors and then sealed. Environmental elements used are fashioned out of soil, leaves, rocks, bark, moss, wood, twigs, etc. to mimic an old English countryside.

John Merkling: Mixed media...John uses plaster, venetian plaster, acrylic oils, and resins to build and layer materials to create depth of varying textures which often evokes intrigue and wonder. Using color composition and perspective, his desire is to stimulate an emotional response and connection with those viewing each piece.

Studio D Jewelers: Tom travels worldwide from Madagascar to Costa Rica to Ireland to our National Parks and finally the Midwest including McHenry County capturing thousands of images that represent cross-sections of existence unique to his perspective. You are invited to experience what he has captured at Studio D on the Woodstock Square.

Carrie Johnson: Carrie is an "Emotional Artist" whose current body of work exhudes "hope". New lines of color are at the forefront of her paintings with strong lines and imagery driving the work.

Artisans On Main: Artisans on Main is composed of members of The Clayworkers' Guild of Illinois that are artists who use clay, glass, and painting as an expressive medium. We stive to aid, encourage, advise, and work together to support each other and the community. The store has been open since March 2022, and prior to that the Guild was in The Old Courthouse for 20+ years. Stop by to find one-of-a-kind functional and decorative pieces made by local artists!